About Agnes

Agnes Oberkor, Owner And Founder Of Enliven Women

Dr. Agnes Oberkor is a believer, a wife, public health professional, a nurse practitioner, a mother of three engineers, a minister, and Napoleon Hill’s PMA Science of Success instructor. As an immigrant to the USA, she understood the need to achieve the American dream. She learned and used the science of success principles to achieve her educational, carrier, family, spiritual, and personal dreams. She and her husband raised three outstanding children. The principles’ benefits have also helped her as the founder and president of a creative real estate investment company, a church, and a preparatory school in Ghana, West Africa, and teaching others to receive job promotions, repair broken relationships, and make effective carrier and marriage decisions.

Growing up in a country where girls and women are supposed to stay home and take care of families, she realized that most women have settled with what society has assigned to them. She noticed self-limitation among women and deprivation of knowledge that would promote the personal development of the women because they brought all the problems to humans on earth. Her grandmother suffered the same self-limitation and deprivation of the opportunity to learn about her grandfather’s business. She suffered poverty after his death until she discovered who she was, developed a plan, and became one of the wealthiest people in the city years later.

Living in America with all the freedom and education, and as she traveled across the world, she noticed similar self-limitation among most women and deprivation of knowledge to help them achieve what they desired in life. Her goal is to help as many women as possible through her teaching, coaching, training, ministering, podcasts, blogs, videos, and travels to bring out the dreams in their hearts.