Ultimate Secrets for Releasing Yourself from Excuses

Experts noted that people who fail have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure and have what they believe to be trusted excuses to explain their lack of achievement. What is Excuse: Excuse or alibi, according to the Dictionaries, is an explanation given to free one from blame or fault. […]

Personal and Spiritual Growth are Necessities for Success in Women

Most women are unaware they need personal development and spiritual growth to understand themselves, develop critical qualities, and take specific actions to overcome the stronghold of self-limitation and knowledge deprivation. When you hear the word freedom, many people think about being free physically to do whatever they want. While that’s true, freedom is not just […]

Busy or Priority Issues

Yes, the clock is ticking; we have so many things undone and we beloved we have been busy. When we use the phrase “I Am Busy,” what message are we trying to send? My observation is that whenever we decide to develop or embarked on new dreams, we become absorbed in the activities of our […]