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Can you believe we are nearly one quarter of the way through 2017? As women sometimes we can fall into the trap of glorifying busy. Believing our value is somehow tied to how much we achieve, how frantically we are racing around doing all the things.

This Easter we want to invite you into a quiet space, away from the hustle, where you can find true rest, even while the world races by. We have a wonderful group of Australian women who love Jesus who have written daily devotionals that will encourage us to Give Up Busy (I’m a realist, we’re not actually giving up doing the things we need to do, but let’s work on letting go on the glorification of being busy all the time).

If you joined our devotional series at the end of last year you’ll automatically receive this one, but if you’re new here sign up with your email address below to receive two weeks of daily devotionals straight to your inbox beginning Monday 3rd April. There will also be an ebook available to purchase at a small cost on Monday if you’d prefer to read that way, or to print it out.

As an added bonus, I’ll also be sending out four free prints over the space of the two weeks to compliment the devotional and give you ways to surround yourself with visual reminders of the things we are reading together.

I am confident you will be abundantly blessed by the life-giving words these women have written.

Liss x

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