Personal and Spiritual Growth are Necessities for Success in Women

Most women are unaware they need personal development and spiritual growth to understand themselves, develop critical qualities, and take specific actions to overcome the stronghold of self-limitation and knowledge deprivation. When you hear the word freedom, many people think about being free physically to do whatever they want. While that’s true, freedom is not just physical activity, but it is a mental state that develops and matures through personal and spiritual development. For women, both personal development and spiritual growth are necessary for any worthwhile achievement if life.

I have heard women talked among themselves and some told me women created all the problems in the world, so we must be quiet and let the men rule the world. They gave example like the first woman, Eve, causing the fall of humanity by being deceived. Women are naturally known as wives, mothers, and daughters, which are facts, but they are also often misused as servants, slaves, and prostitutes. Men perceived women as information leakers because they gossip. This perceived knowledge led to serious limitation and deprivation of knowledge and privileges to women.

Why do Women Need Both Personal and Spiritual Growth?

Most women have wounded souls because of harsh words of defeat spoken to them as they grow. Also, the world deprives women of knowledge that will set them free. Knowledge suppression leaves women with unanswered questions, confusion, poor judgment, and poor decision-making.

Often, women endure the ramifications of their self-limitation with little or no worthwhile achievement because of a lack of purpose in life. Others accept abusive homes and relationships because there is nowhere else to go. These are sad and challenging situations for many women as it becomes an ongoing cycle of a captive lifestyle. Personal growth leads to the development of precise purpose, organization of thoughts, winning personalities, and attitudes required for success. Spiritual growth goes deeper to help break through the bondage of a wounded soul and free the person to develop a relationship with the Highest God, hear the voice of God, apply faith, decide, and take actions to benefit from the gained personal development skills.

Many Women Are Not Achieving Their Dreams

The worst form of captivity is when people think they live in freedom yet have walled themselves with a self-limiting ideology because of womanhood. These women have allowed others to convince them they cannot achieve their dreams because they are women. This idea is even worse among Christian women, especially pastors’ wives. They bury their desires, live under self-limitation, and crush their souls until they die.

The Role of the Soul

Your soul is who you are. Your soul consists of your mind, will, consciousness, imagination, dreams, and desires. Therefore, if the soul is not happy, nothing will work in your life. Good health depends on the conditions of your soul. Lasting prosperity depends on the state of the soul. Fulfilling your destiny certainly depends on how your soul is prospering. Spiritual growth promotes the health of the soul.

Do Not Limit Yourself

I have always thought it was a cultural issue; however, I live in the USA now, and as I read, observed, interviewed, and listened to people, I realized most women face two critical issues. Self-limitation as women hold themselves back from achieving bigger dreams, and men holding-back information from women who dare to know and free their thinking.

I have been confronted on multiple occasions by women for doing what I know and like. On one occasion, a woman, who was a family member, questioned me about driving a pickup truck because trucks are for men. She confronted me as if I had done the unthinkable. Throughout her life, she learned not to achieve or do something beyond a certain level. She said, “Why did you decide to drive this enormous truck? Do you know you are a woman? Take a taxi instead of driving that big thing yourself. People will think you are a sinful woman.” I was shocked but sad for her and all women with such self-limitation. She said I should have taken a taxi instead of driving a pickup truck. I thought riding a taxi cap would have been more dangerous with an unknown person.

Not long after that encounter, a man denied me information because I was a woman. We were at a family meeting, and I asked historical questions about the family. No one knew the answer, so we brought in our 108-year-old uncle, who is known as a historian. Before answering the question, he excluded all the women from the meeting because they talked too much and would leak the information he was about to give. Another shocker!

Then, I remembered a life story my grandmother told me about how she became poor after my grandfather died. She was a stay home mother, and my grandfather operated his extremely successful auto mechanics’ shop. After his sudden death a few years after my mother was born, she was devastated not only for losing him but also for not knowing how to keep the auto mechanics shop running to make a living. She could not run the business because her husband never allowed her to learn anything about the shop when he was alive. She became poor with no means of buying food for her daughter and herself until she found her other self, the part of her that refused to die in poverty. Her true self is the person within who refused to settle for the limitations imposed on her as a woman so she cannot learn to run the mechanic shop to make money.

 The Benefits of Personal and Spiritual Growth

The benefits of personal and spiritual development are endless. The most important thing is that purpose becomes a reality as the individual understands and practices these principles.

  • Know and develop a precise purpose.
  • Create ideas for their purposes.
  • Attract opportunities.
  • Become favor magnets.
  • Develop the mind and think well.
  • Build confidence and control attention.
  • Get familiar with their other self.
  • Become self-reliant.
  • Improve relationship with God and humans.
  • Have the wisdom to know what to do at the right time.
  • Heal and restore the soul.
  • Improve health and prevent diseases.

If you are self-limiting yourself because you are a woman, you kill your dreams, desires, and aspirations and slowly lose your soul. If you allow others to block your dreams, desires, and aspirations because you are a woman, your soul becomes wounded or crushed. To achieve a purpose in life, the soul needs healing and restoration by renewing the mind.

Awaken today and be empowered with critical skills to help you think, dream, and make it happen. You can break through and live in mental, social, and physical freedom by understanding and practicing personal and spiritual growth skills to free your soul to achieve your desires.

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