Become a Member of Our Travel Club, International Ladies of Purpose.


International Ladies of Purpose are a dedicated group of Global minded ladies with a focus on Napoleon Hill’s Principles of Success in mind! We seek experiences and shared knowledge as we travel globally. We are a dynamic and dedicated group of ladies.

What We Offer

International Ladies of Purpose travels two times annually, which includes one USA trip and one international trip. (Can be changed within the group). We travel on a budget, and to places that are safe for women.


Our trips are annually between March and June, and July and December depending on favorable weather. USA trips are between 3 and 5 days and other countries are between 12 and 15 days.


Because members are in various locations, we choose places from our personal bucket lists. Each traveler shares their list, and we choose from there. We discourage any sudden and unexpected trips, as we follow very specific planning and organization to protect our members. Members submit their list of desired locations in advance.

Mode of Travel

Travels can be on land (road trips), by boat, by air or train. All options for modes of transportation are accepted and shall be considered.


Members handle their own expenses, such as flights and personal items. We share the cost for hotels, group excursions, and group photography.


We may all be in various States and countries; however, we have a common ground of loving to travel and doing it safe and on a budget. As we travel, we share our love for the success principles which have elevated our team over the years. We visit places to enhance our personal, business, and professional growth. We do not entertain any immoral behaviors and dangerous activities.


Be a natural born woman, have an active Passport with at least one year before expiration, and a positive mental attitude.

Annual Membership Fee



Dawn Fobbs

Dawn is a mother, speaker, entrepreneur, author, and a travel queen.

Agnes Oberkor

Agnes is a mother, healthcare professional, speaker, and an entrepreneur minister.