Busy or Priority Issues

Yes, the clock is ticking; we have so many things undone and we beloved we have been busy. When we use the phrase “I Am Busy,” what message are we trying to send? My observation is that whenever we decide to develop or embarked on new dreams, we become absorbed in the activities of our comfort zone. We are familiar with the comfort zone because results for the new project is not tangible and unfamiliar. This preoccupation makes us feel overwhelmed to pursue the new dreams leading to the frequent use of the phrase “I am busy.” The fact is that nobody is busy; we only have different priorities.

When we embark on new territories, we experience pains of the unknown or the intangible. Therefore, unconsciously we indulge in the past known activities, our comfort zone. Hence, we become preoccupied and call that busy and stop going after our dreams. We want to do what we want and not what we must achieve in personal, professional, or business success.

I used to belong to Toastmasters International, an organization known for communication and leadership development and improvement. Everyone who visits or joins the organization has a strong desire to improve their communication or leadership skills. However, the common statement they made was “I am too busy, so I could not prepare a speech.” Then they usually explained why they were busy for the next few minutes. My response to each of them were the same. You were not busy because your explanation to me actually met a full speech criteria. Your problem is about setting priorities over fear and not business. Each responded with a laugh and the phrase “you are right.” Most members who confronted their fears and moved away from their comfort zones achieved their goals. They understood that every capable individual, regardless of their status, must communicate effectively, and every productive person knows how to manage priorities to make time to improve themselves. Competent people step out of their comfort zones to achieve their goals.

To improve our personal, professional, or business life, we must learn to prioritize our activities. We must learn to use every opportunity to prepare and enhance every facet of areas in our lives to keep the momentum that can push us forward.

The tendency to think you are busy and ignore the things that can propel you to a better life is there. That is why I wrote this blog to make people aware of the trap. Yes, it’s a trap that most people are not aware of. You have occupied yourself by focusing on what you want to do, but not the things you must do. The items we must do are the things we hate, afraid of, and avoid. However, they are your breakthrough for a better tomorrow.

I found these books very helpful to keep the word “busy” out of my vocabulary to achieve every desire:

  • Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill
  • How to Own Your Own Mind, Napoleon Hill
  • Business Secrets from the Bible, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
  • Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement, by Napoleon Hill

There are resources to help anyone learn how to prioritize to avoid the feeling of being busy and stop progressing to success. In conclusion, withstand the tendency of using busy in your vocabulary. Strive to do what you must do, and you will see how much progress you will make in your personal, professional, and business endeavors.

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